Mongaup Lodge 816

Mongaup Lodge No. 816 of Liberty received its charter on June 4, 1896. Its charter members were C. L. Beaumont, Frank Gotter, John A. Darbee, E. R. Dosenberry, George Gildersleeve, Richard Gildersleeve, John M. Hall. William B. Hand, J. N. Hardenberg, T. H. Houlihan, Henry Intermann, John H. Kilbourne, Jacob L. Matzinger, Roswell A. Monroe. Jacob Newkirk, S. W. Parsons, Charles S. Payne, John Reiner, Solomon A. Royce, and Rogers W. Sears. These Masons transferred their membership from Monticello, Jeffersonville, Livingston Manor and New York City. John Reiner was the only member of Monticello Lodge who was a charter member of this lodge. There were other members of Monticello Lodge who transferred after the charter was, granted. The lodge was formally constituted on June 23, 1896, with W. M. Combs, District Deputy of the Tenth Masonic District, in charge of ceremonies. Charles L. Beaumont was the first Master and under his leadership the brethren became interested in the work and built a firm foundation upon which to rest in future years. Beaumont had received his Masonic knowledge in Albion Lodge No. 26 of New York City, where he had served as Master prior to coming to Liberty, where he had engaged in the insurance business. The lodge held the first and several, of the succeeding meetings in Toni Hall. During this period Pierson and Cotter were rushing to completion a building with the second door planned for lodge purposes. Frank Dodge, our Deputy County Treasurer, was one of the class of five who were the first initiates. He served as Master during the years 1906 and 1907. Outstanding among the lodges of the district, Mongaup Lodge now enjoyed a membership of more than 300. Five of its members have served as District Deputy, the first of whom was William B. Hand. He is one of the lodge’s life members and served as District Deputy in 1911. The following year Joseph Rosch served in the same capacity. Others to be likewise recognized by Grand Lodge were Joseph Rosch, Nial Curry, James B. Mance and J. O. Newkirk. Having suffered the losses it did; in 1992 Mongaup Lodge 816 merged with Callicoon Lodge 521 (1861-1992) to form Liberty Lodge 521 (1992-Present).