Celebrating 200 years of local Masonry

The settlers who cleared the forests and made Sullivan County habitable were builders and people of vision, according to historians who have recorded many of the deeds of the early pioneers. They were also men and women of character and determination whose high-wheeled wagons ferried across the Hudson from New England and from old New York towns to build new homes and breed a hardy people in the beautiful rolling hills of Sullivan County.

One of the guiding spirits behind the success of these men was the good which comes from the teachings of Masonry. Unfortunately, the activities of the Craft were held in strict secrecy in the early days and there is little to be found regarding the early lodges in the county.

As to the individual life of any of the early lodges in Sullivan we know little for the minute books, etc., have disappeared, but, from what records we have we know that the current Lodges and their predecessors have made worthy contributions to the success of the fraternity and the growth of the county from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day.